Welcome to the Accounting Central website. Accounting Central is a diverse firm of registered auditors and chartered and professional accountants who offer a variety of specialized services to registered clients. We prefer personal contact with our clients which enables us to better understand their line of business and to focus on their individual needs. The clients stand central to our endeavours as they form the pivotal part of our business. We have a passion for entrepreneurship and we would love to see your business grow from a start-up to a big corporation. We know the battles an entrepreneur faces and we could steer you clear of the pitfalls an entrepreneur might experience. We can help you develop a business plan, setup your company and register you at all the places you should be registered. It would be very beneficial to you if you bring all your business to us to structure your affairs that you pay the optimal tax rates for your business, personal and trusts tax. No one should pay more than what is necessary. This would be achieved by letting us do the bookkeeping of your business and letting us consult on your corporate structure. We can also consult on planning your estate for the generations to come, no one wants to be caught by surprise when you have to pay estate duty. How will you benefit from us? We use the latest technology and techniques to deliver a service that is the most cost effective, in the fastest way possible. We have learnt from the best companies, which are rated as some of the top auditing firms in the world, as well as from very innovative local firms. We are also committed to continuous professional development (CPD) to keep us up to date on the latest happenings in the business world. We look forward to serving you and taking your company to the heights of your vision and beyond.